Our goal is to raise healthy puppies, in accordance with the Dalmatian standard, sociable and with a cheerful character, so that they bring happiness to their future family.

The puppies have their room, clear and warm, in our house. They spend their first few weeks, in our own company and their mom’s company, of course. They grow up without stress while naturally integrating the sounds of everyday life (vacuum cleaner, phone, …)

The room is directly linked to a large secure enclosure in our garden, which puppies have access to from their 4th week. They then discover the outside world: various toys adapted to their age, different floors (grass, terrace, wood, carpets, grills …), outside noises (cars, lawnmowers, walkers). They have the option to go out freely during the day. At night, calm reigns in anticipation of their new family life.

From the end of their 4th week, visitors are welcome by appointment.

Puppies are in contact with children and adults and cats, chickens and other dogs are familiar to them. In addition, from their 8th week, they are gradually used to transporting by car, because we do some outings in the surrounding nature.

They are fed by their mother and from their 3rd-4th week, they eat mainly BARF (fresh quality meat, fruits, vegetables, serene, cottage cheese, yoghurts, eggs, flakes, bones…) : Mom’s milk becomes a dessert. They are also familiar with dry food in order to facilitate their future life if their family does not wish to feed in BARF.

The puppies leave in their new family in their 10th week, after the visit of the breeding controller from the Swiss Dalmatian Club. They are dewormed and vaccinated. They have: a vaccination book, SCS papers, a copy of the audiometric control, a copy of the report of the livestock controller, a sales contract, some gifts to facilitate their new life (collar-leave, food, a dossier of advice…)

Puppy info