Ouala Oh La’Licious von Stella Matutina



Born May 13, 2019

Father: Asshay vom Gramzower Kloster

Mother: Ch. Imani Ilayla Tianee von Stella Matutina

SHSB/LOS 775669

Microchip 276 094 500 676 504

Breeder: Linda Petermann

Owner: Sandra Rody

HD-A, complete teeth, bilateral hearing

Height: 56 cm

Weight: 25 kg

Successful breeding selection with panache on October 10, 2020 in Zofingen

Nirvana is a lovely dog. She is lively, attentive, extremely cuddly and caring towards everyone. Nirvana loves to be with us and actively participate in the life of the house. She is respectful with the other animals in the house.

She is curious and eager to learn: she is passionate about the work of flair in mantrailing. On a walk, she follows us without a leash and meets dogs, runners, bikes without any problem. She can’t resist any treats and is willing to give up everything for a reward!

She is a medium-sized dog, elegant, balanced with a beautiful musculature. Its spots are harmoniously distributed and its head is very expressive.






Asshay vom Gramzower Kloster

VDH/DVD 3994,
blanc-noir ; HD-A

FR Ch.

Ch. Troilus De Puech Barrayre

LOF 9 DAL 02370/03128
blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Spotnik’s Special Selection

N 02842/99
blanc-noir ; HD-B

Ch. Spotnik’s Quick Quackery

N 19702/97, blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Spotnik’s Milkmaid

N 14818/92, blanc-brun ; HD-A

Ch. Prunella Fitzgerald De Puech Barrayre

LOF 9 DAL 020691/03463 ; blanc-brun : HD-A

Ch. Salsusa Startrekker of Theakston

KCR S2313203802/NHSB 1800650, blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Jemblewood Jezabel

LOF 9 DAL 018105/03008, blanc-noir ; HD-A

Suze vom Gramzower Kloster

VDH/DVD 2987
blanc-brun ; HD-A

Ch. Dalming’s Hocus Pocus

N 06127/03
blanc-brun ; HD-A

Ch. Jilloc’s A Man in the Mirror

S57587/96, blanc-brun ; HD-A

Dalming’s Great Bunny

N21063/99, blanc-brun ; HD-A

Penelope vom Gramzower Kloster

VDH/DVD 2364
blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Perdita’s Inside Information

N06425/96, blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Franca Futures vom Gramzower Kloster

VDH/CDF 1208/98, blanc-noir ; HD-B

SK Ch., AT JCh.

Ch. Imani Ilayla Tianee von Stella Matutina

VDH/DZGD 823/17,(FCI)

INT Ch., DT Ch.Club, DT Ch. VDH, DK Ch., N. Ch., VDH-ES 2011+2013, DT JCh., VDH, DT JCh. Club

Ch. Spotnik’s First Farao For Ormond

blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Knock on Heaven Door Raul

blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Bad&Mad Serbian Surprise in Raul

CLP/DA/6209/05, blanc-brun ; HD-A

Ch. Heart of Bad&Mad in Raul

CLP/DA/6037/06, blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Solbo’s Holly

S 31498
blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Bell-A-Mir’s Elegant Envoy

DKK 62691/2004, blanc-noir ; HD-A

Solbo’s Yamazita

S31875/99, blanc-noir ; HD-B

Autumn Aura Divina von Stella Matutina

VDH/DVD 3616
blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Christi ORMOND Coppola

blanc-brun ; HD-A

Ch. Lacrima Christi Cro A Porter

HR 11820 DA, blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Mochaccino Dalmatian Dream

BHR 33776 Dal, blanc-brun ; HD-A

Odessa von Schloss Thiergarten

VDH/DVD 3161
blanc-noir ; HD-B

Collin vom Versunkenen Schloss

VDH/DVD 2820, blanc-noir ; HD-B

Lightness von Schloss Thiergarten

VDH/DVD 2022-03, blanc-brun ; HD-A