Day 2: the entire tribe

On Friday, August 13, Nirvana gave up 8 puppies, 4 males and 4 females.
With the exception of a tiny stillborn female, all are doing wonderfully and Nirvana is an amazing mom. Despite this being her first litter, she acts instinctively, naturally and gentlely.

We are amazed when we look at them and we are delighted to see these 4 males (1 black-white and 3 brown-white) and 3 females (1 black-white and 2 brown-white) grow!



Ouala Oh La’Licious von Stella Matutina
” Mowgli”
A Spottified Quest For Adventure

Mowgli lives in Belgium. It is a sporty dog with beautiful looks, good angulations and a splendid back line. Mowgli has an easy character, he is always cheerful and likes to clown. He loves children, swimming, playing…. It’s a joy to live. He’s not afraid of anything, he’s smart and self-confident.

So we have every reason to think that the puppies to come will be beautiful and well in their paws… The future litter should include black Dalmatians and dalmatians liver (brown).

Thanks to Julie Pluymers for accepting this “marriage”! You can go and admire his dogs on his website. I look forward to the trip…

Pedigree of puppies






A Spottified Quest For Adventure

LOSH 1257487
blanc-brun ; HD-A

Multi CH Int Ch

Daumont Standing Ovation

ROI 10/206603
blanc-noir ; HD-A


Marnellin Who is Who

FIN 51580/04
blanc-noir ; HD-C

Ch. Marnellin Zamzaran

FIN 45615/96, blanc-brun ; HD-A

Spotnik's Valentine Visit

FIN21942/03 blanc-noir ; HD-A

WW'10, Multi Ch

Daumont Jenesaisquoi

ROI 06/ 52088; blanc-brun ; HD-A

Multi Ch T-Cart Man of Gold

SLR673, blanc-brun ; HD-A

Daumont Greysatinslippers

ROI 02/12333, blanc-noir

Multi Ch, Int Ch

Caldecacre Rumours'N Gossip

KCREGAR 00666201
Blanc-noir ; HD-A


Caldecacre Chimango

KCREGAP 3479708

Ch. Perdita's Right as Rain at Caldecacre

KCSB 2986 CW, blanc-brun ; HD-A

Caldecacre Cabooshka

KCREGAF 00447901

Be A Star de los Perros Santos

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Perdita's Sparkling Star

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Jilloc The Perfect Match

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Ouala Oh La'Licious von Stella Matutina

SHSB/LOS 775669
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Asshay vom Gramzower Kloster

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blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Troilus De Puech Barrayre

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Ch. Spotnik’s Special Selection

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Ch. Prunella Fitzgerald De Puech Barrayre

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Suze vom Gramzower Kloster

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Ch. Dalming’s Hocus Pocus

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Penelope vom Gramzower Kloster

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SK Ch., AT JCh.

Ch. Imani Ilayla Tianee von Stella Matutina

VDH/DZGD 823/17,(FCI)
blanc-brun ; HD-A

INT Ch., DT Ch.Club, DT Ch. VDH, DK Ch., N. Ch., VDH-ES 2011+2013, DT JCh., VDH, DT JCh. Club

Ch. Spotnik’s First Farao For Ormond

blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Knock on Heaven Door Raul

blanc-noir ; HD-A

Ch. Solbo’s Holly

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blanc-noir ; HD-A

Autumn Aura Divina von Stella Matutina

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Ch. Christi ORMOND Coppola

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Odessa von Schloss Thiergarten

VDH/DVD 3161
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